• VIDEO: Our approach to ceramics

    We were recently collaborating with Michelin Star Chef Lucía Freitas, and we were asked to participate in one of her video shootings. She wanted to record all the processes behind her cooking. The result is the beautiful video you can see n this link. Thanks to Artesania de Galicia and Azo Audiovisual, we were also […]

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    21 December 2018

  • Christmas Open Days 2018

    The holidays are approaching and as every year, we open the doors of our workshop in Vigo so you can see first hand our work. We will show you our small but complete workshop, and you will be able to see a wide sample of our work. We will have available many pieces of all […]

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    14 December 2018

  • Attention people in Madrid: OJEA STUDIO at Mercado de Diseño in Matadero

    Two weeks have already gone by since we came back from vacation the 21st of August. But time has flied since, because the studio is working at full speed. We have many events this month, and projects we are working on. We will post info about them in the coming weeks. The most immediate newst […]

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    4 September 2017

  • New pieces added to the e-shop

    We have uploaded new products to the e-shop!: TEXTILE TEXTURE PORCELAIN ESPRESSO SET  These pieces were presented in the design markets we went to in November and December and they were such a success that we run out of them in a few weeks, and since then, we have been making more to keep up with […]

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    1 February 2017

    Wide Pentagon Porcelain Bowl
  • Attention people in Barcelona: OJEA STUDIO at PALO ALTO MARKET

    We are happy to announce that we will be at “PALO ALTO MARKET” in Barcelona this weekend 4 and 5 of February 2017. This weekend the market holds the “EXQUISITE EDITION”, focused on the gourmet world and all things related. Of course handmade tableware is included! We will bring our most suitable pieces for the occasion, […]

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    30 January 2017

  • CUT & FOLD Slip Cast

    As we have already announced in the previous post, this year we have been developping a new series of pieces within the Cut & Fold slip cast series. The Special Edition 2016. We have presented these pieces a few weeks ago in the Mercado Central de Diseño in Madrid. And now you can find them […]

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    24 November 2016


    We have lately been working hard in the pottery studio, but also in front of the computer screen, so that we are now ready to announce significant improvements in our site! First, our website is faster now. Although maybe not as fast as me this summer making slip cast porcelain pieces: High speed slip casting […]

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    11 November 2016


    Just a quick blog update today. Lately I have been working on new designs and spending long hours in the studio. Among other things, I have been building up stock for the e-shop update I am planning for this summer. In the meantime, I thought it was about time to have an OPEN STUDIO day. […]

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    5 July 2016


    I have been doing ceramics since I was four years old. Until I was 18 years old, I attended the ceramics public school in Nigrán twice a week. The production rate was not very high, but the accumulated number of pieces over the years became enormous. I would give away most of my pieces as Christmas or birthday […]

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    24 December 2015

  • RAKU

    Every year since 1989, in late May, the “Raku Week” takes place in the public ceramics school of Nigrán. During that week, over 700 ceramic pieces made by the students are glazed and fired using the ancient Japanese technique of Raku. Raku ware is one of the Japanese arts exemplifying the ideal of wabi sabi […]

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    20 November 2015


    I am Paula, welcome to my blog! First, let me introduce OJEA STUDIO. We design and make contemporary ceramics. In our work the accuracy of engineering meets the irregularity of hand making. In the about page you can read more about us and our approach to ceramics. We currently have work in two collections, CUT&FOLD […]

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    20 November 2015