Textured ceramics inspired by the sea

The concept

Simple organic shapes and intricate textures make up the pieces in the Oceanic collection.

The industrial harbor, the fishery tradition, the deep sea… Functional works of art taking inspiration from the marine environment and unique landscape of the Galician Atlantic Coast.


The pieces are hand created by pressing a piece of cloth against a slab of fresh clay. The textures used are mostly self-made knits or woven fabrics.

Before clay hardens, the slab is given the final shape, be it a plate, a bowl, a cup… When leather-hard, it can be painted with colored slips.

The piece is left to dry and when bone dry some sanding and polishing is done before it is bisque fired. Finally, it is glazed and fired at 1240 degrees Celsius.

For some pieces an original model is made from a leather-hard piece, in order to reproduce the same shape with thinner walls with the slip casting technique.