CUT & FOLD Slip Cast

As we have already announced in the previous post, this year we have been developping a new series of pieces within the Cut & Fold slip cast series. The Special Edition 2016.
We have presented these pieces a few weeks ago in the Mercado Central de Diseño in Madrid. And now you can find them in our e-shop, only in very small quantities!

As soon as we saw the Pantone (c) colos of year 2016 we thought that our porcelain cut&fold pieces could fit perfectly in these colors. In fact, we were already working with a light blue!

The slip cast series are, as you know, made from liquid clay known as slip. Porcelain slip in our case. Small quantities of pigments or oxides added to the porcelain slip results in pieces that will have a colored body.
So we got the ball rolling and started making tests to find the Rose Quartz stained porcelain.

After several tests and firings, we sticked with two colours that are our porcelain version of Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.

These pieces have the same finishes as the white porcelain pieces. That is, a glossy interior due to the clear glaze, and the polished porcelain matt exterior, so that the color stands out. And the contrast between the matt and glossy finishes is emphasized because the glaze makes the colors a bit brighter.
There are many contrasts in these pieces. The colors. The matt and glossy surfaces. The straight arris and the warped edges. The precise design and the irregularity of the handmade process.

I hope you like them!

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