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We have uploaded new products to the e-shop!:


These pieces were presented in the design markets we went to in November and December and they were such a success that we run out of them in a few weeks, and since then, we have been making more to keep up with demand. But it wasn’t easy because the Holidays were busy times at OJEA STUDIO. Now we have finally added them to the e-shop!

They are part of the OCEANIC collection, but they are made out of white porcelain and with no color. It is a set of pieces with textile texture where the porcelain thickness is very thin. This allows for the light to go through the walls and highlight the texture.  All the pieces are hand made using the slip casting technique and some alterations after casting.

There are 4 pieces: the espresso cup, the saucer, the creamer and the sugar jar.

The cups, creamer and sugar jar have clear glossy glaze only inside and in the top centimeter of the outside, for various reasons:

  • It is usually more pleasant to drink from a glazed surface
  • It is easier to clean a glazed surface, hence the areas in contact with coffee are glazed
  • The remaining unglazed surface makes a nice contrast because it is matte and the texture is more palpable.

The saucer has the textile texture applied individually making each plate unique as the cloth used for this purpose wears out. The texture in the saucers is completely covered by the glaze. All pieces are signed and stamped in the bottom with our OJEA STUDIO mark in blue.

espresso set

The e-shop has this pieces available in two formats:

handmade porcelain espresso setTextile porcelain espresso set for 4

handmade espresso cups and saucers

Set of 2 textile texture porcelain espresso cups and saucers


This is a piece from the CUT&FOLD SLIP CAST SERIES, and it was designed to complete the pentagon bowls series.

The size of the pentagon base is the same as in the Pentagon and Tall Pentagon pieces, but it has a more open shape, being 20cm wide. It is made out of white porcelain using the slip casting technique on an original plaster mold made in house from a slab built stoneware model. Each piece has very thin walls, so that the porcelain translucency can be noticed. These thin walls together with the wide shape of this bowl, allow for the piece to warp during the high temperature firing. We aim for the contrast between the straight edges and the curved faces that are the result of the warped porcelain.

Same as the other pieces in this series, the wide pentagon bowl has glossy clear glaze inside whereas the unglazed outsides are matte and soft. All pieces are signed and have the OJEA STUDIO stamp.

The following image shows all the pentagon bowls in the collection. Left to right, Tall Pentagon, Pentagon y Wide Pentagon.

El link al producto en la tienda online es:


Wide Pentagon Porcelain Bowl

Wide Pentagon porcelain bowl


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