Particular tumbler



  • Process: slip casting
  • Material: porcelain, pigments and glaze
  • Firing: 1250ºC in electric kiln
  • Approximate dimensions: 7 x 12 cm

These porcelain tumblers belong to the Particular Collection. There are 3 different colors to choose from: white, soft gray and dark gray. The outside is decorated with a unique pattern of black ferrous particles over a gray or white background. Please note that this listing corresponds to one tumbler of the color of your choice, and the pattern will be different from those shown in the photos.

Each item is hand crafted in our studio in Galicia, Spain. Because of the hand made nature of the process, each item has its own character and may differ from the items in the pictures in size, shape and color.

Food safe, microwaves safe and dishwasher safe