Sushi sets



  • Process: hand built from slabs
  • Material: stoneware, oxides and glaze
  • Firing: 1250ºC in electric kiln
  • Approximate dimensions: see below

These sushi sets from  the OCEANIC collection are a new addition to the e-shop!  They all have a textile texture in blue. This listing corresponds to one of the sets, you can choose which one in the tab. They have a 5% discount compared to buying the pieces separately.

  • Individual Sushi set:
    • 1 small tray 15x20x2 cm
    • 1 mini bowl 10x10x2 cm
    • 1 chopstick rest 5x5x1 cm
  • Sushi set for 2:
    • 1 large tray 34x21x2 cm
    • 2 mini trays 11x15x2 cm
    • 2 mini bowls 10x10x2 cm
    • 2 chopstick rests 5x5x1 cm
  • Sushi set for 4:
    • 1 large tray 34x21x2 cm
    • 4 mini trays 11x15x2 cm
    • 4 mini bowls 10x10x2 cm
    • 4 chopstick rests 5x5x1 cm

Please note that chopsticks and other non-ceramic elements are not included in the sets.

Trays and chopstick rests always come in hessian texture. For the mini bowls, we’ll choose one of the 6 textures available. If you have a preference, please let us know in the comments at checkout, and we’ll try to send your mini bowls in your chosen textures if they are in stock.

Each item is hand crafted in our studio in Galicia, Spain. Because of the hand made nature of the process, each item has it’s own character and may differ slightly from the items in the pictures in size, shape and color.

Food safe, microwaves safe and dishwasher safe.