Wide Pentagon bowl in porcelain


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  • Process: slip casting
  • Material: porcelain and glaze
  • Firing: 1250ºC in electric kiln
  • Approximate dimensions: 20 x 20 x 9 cm 

This piece belongs to the CUT & FOLD collection. It has a clear glossy glaze inside making contrast with the matt unglazed porcelain of the outside. It is a very lightweight piece due to the thin walls. This pentagon bowl has a bottom face of the same size as the other listed pentagon bowls, however the opening is much wider. This shape, causes the piece to be more sensible to warping during the high temperature firing, hence the curved faces, which make a nice contrast with the straight edges. Each piece is individually casted, and for this reason the wall thickness may slightly vary from piece to piece. Please note that this listing corresponds to one wide pentagon bowl. The last picture is included to show the relative size of the other bowls from these series.

Each item is hand crafted in our studio in Galicia, Spain. Because of the hand made nature of the process, each item has it’s own character and may differ slightly from the items in the pictures in size, shape and color.

Food safe. Hand washing with care is recommended.