Equilateral white raku vases




  • Process: hand built from slabs
  • Material: grogged refractory clay and glaze
  • Firing: 1000ºC in raku kiln
  • Approximate dimensions: 11 x 11 x 10 and 19 x 19 x 16 cm

These are ONE OFF hand built pieces that belong to the CUT & FOLD collection. They were hand formed joining 7 equilateral triangles each (they actually are octahedrons missing one face). They have white glaze both inside and outside, and are fired using the Raku technique, which makes the pieces go through a huge temperature shock making the glaze (and sometimes the clay) crack. These cracks are black because of the smoke involved in the process.

Please note that there are some marks of glaze drops in the Raku kiln shelfs, as seen in the photographs.

These pieces are not utilitarian since this technique makes them not water tight.

These items were hand crafted in our studio in Galicia, Spain. They have marks and small irregularities that are the welcome evidence of the hand made nature of the process. You will receive the exact same pieces shown in the photographs, since they are one offs.