Impossible slender satin white stoneware vase


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  • Process: hand built from slabs
  • Material: stoneware and glaze
  • Firing: 1240ºC in electric kiln
  • Approximate dimensions: 7 x 7 x 27cm

Impossible, because it makes you wonder how the piece holds on together. Slender, because it is tall and narrow. It is a ONE OFF hand built piece that belongs to the CUT & FOLD collection. It has satin white glaze both inside and outside. It was hand formed joining 1 equilateral plus 12 isosceles triangles.

Please note that this listing corresponds to the described piece only (the las photograph in the gallery shows another piece from the collection).

This item was hand crafted in our studio in Galicia, Spain. It has marks and small irregularities that are the welcome evidence of the hand made nature of the process. You will receive the exact same piece that is shown in the photograph, since it is a one off.

This piece is not intended for food serving, however it can hold liquids and it is food safe.