We have lately been working hard in the pottery studio, but also in front of the computer screen, so that we are now ready to announce significant improvements in our site!

First, our website is faster now. Although maybe not as fast as me this summer making slip cast porcelain pieces:

High speed slip casting from OJEA STUDIO on Vimeo.

Second, there are many novelties in our e-shop:

I.The CUT&FOLD collection has been divided in two sections:

1. One off pieces: These pieces are made with the slab building technique, after computer aided designs. They have geometries and glazes that make them one of a kind. We do not make identical pieces, since we want each one of them to be unique and unrepeatable. We expect this section of the e-shop to be the most dynamic, since we will be adding new work as it comes out of the kiln.

2. Slip cast pieces. In this case, each piece comes from a plaster mold. The plaster molds we use, are made by us using a one-off piece as model. From each mold, we can make up to around 20 pieces. These slip cast pieces are made out of porcelain, because of its particularities:

  • In the high temperature fire, porcelain vitrifies and becomes very tough
  • Very thin walls can be achieved, making pieces very lightweight and translucent
  • During the high fire, some warping occurs in the thin porcelain faces, making an interesting contrast with the sharp straight arris.
  • We only glaze the insides, with a clear glossy glaze. The outsides are wet sanded after the high fire, giving it a soft and matte finish as opposed to the glossy inside.
  • We can stain the porcelain slip with oxides and pigments to obtain colored porcelain pieces. We have in fact made a Special Edition of stained porcelain pieces, with our version of the Pantone © colors of 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue, that you can also find in the e-shop.

II. The OCEANIC collection has been reorganized.
1. Some new geometries have been added, and from the previous shapes, a selection of the best texture-geometry combination has been made. This way, we think we have a more select yet complete collection.

2. Sets of pieces have been added to this section of the e-shop. We thing these pre-made combinations can make excellent gifts for special events.

III. We now ship worldwide!

Check the FAQs for the details.

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