I am Paula, welcome to my blog!

First, let me introduce OJEA STUDIO. We design and make contemporary ceramics. In our work the accuracy of engineering meets the irregularity of hand making. In the about page you can read more about us and our approach to ceramics.

We currently have work in two collections, CUT&FOLD and OCEANIC. In the collections page you can see the work, find about the inspiration behind it and the process of making. If you think you might be interested in having some of our pieces, you can check the online shop.

Here in the blog I will be writing about things I like and think you will too. There are 5 non exclusive sections in the blog, that I will be filling with contents:

THE NEWExhibitions, shop updates, new work and any events related to OJEA STUDIO will be announced in this section of the blog.
THE MAKINGIn ceramics there is an enormous range of techniques to make things. We only use some of them. You will be able to read about the different processes we use to make ceramics and the results we achieve.
THE EXPERIENCESAdventures outside of the studio. Sometimes inspiration is fount in contexts that I would have never thought of. Life is full of curious events that I think you may enjoy hearing about.
THE ARTThere is a lot of art going on out there. Here I will be sharing with you the work of artists that I admire and whose work fosters our creativity.
THE OBSERVATIONFor me inspiration is all about having my eyes wide open. I observe what I have around and my work incorporates the essence.

Please stay tuned! I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I am enthusiastic about filling it with stories!

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  1. Imposible expresar cómo me conmueve tu arte, Paula. Las cosas que activa en mi cerbro, emociones, sensaciones de mi infancia, poliedros, tizas, tinta… mi amor por la papiroflexia, que me transmitió mi padre…ojear, el mundo de las palabras, cut and fold, la música del inglés… el mar… Abres mis ojos a la belleza que nos rodea desde que nacemos… que apenas me paro a contemplar.

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